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"I`ve heard all the best for HerSolution Gel from my best friend, and I was just curious if it`s all truth?! After about three minutes this drives me crazy."

- Ritta Whitemann, New York, USA
"I bought a tube of the gel just for fun and believe me this is amazing. I had multiple orgasm first time in my life after 10 years of marriage. I realised that I don`t know myself at all."

- Hanna Bauer, Berlin, Germany



"Hersolution Vaginal gel is very effective and at the same time so silky smooth and never irritates me. It never burns the way so many other lubricants do. My husband and I have not found anything else like it. Regularly I have a wonderful orgasm, sometimes even two or more. We recommend it because it really works! Sex is wonderful!!"

Jocelyn Turner 35, California

"HerSolutionGel is an absolute miracle for all who have problems with vaginal dryness! It feels totally natural. After our first use of HerSolution Gel, this is the comment from my husband: 'That was the best sex I ever had!' I agree. He is 52 and I am 50.I use it frequently and my husband heartily endorses it, too!"

Lynn & C. Parish, Maryland

" I`m sory about my poor English but I have to share the experience... This product worked quite well for My husband have pretty know what I mean and I`am suffering from dryness (what a combination), can you imagine a pain I had everytime when we made love?! I wish Id known about HerSolutionGel years ago. Everything is diferent now, Gel helped me relieve dryness and our sex is fantastic again."

Lena & Vladislav Morozow, Moscow

"I don`t have problems with vaginal drynes or with orgasm. By me is everything quite good. I have ordered a tube of Hersolution Gel just for fun and beleive me it worth it. My boyfriend puts some gel on his fingertip and rubs it gently in little circles while he kisses the inside of my thighs or puts a few drops on my nipples, I shake myself from excitement. I confess I adore sex!"

Amandine Soraya, Paris France